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A lot of media attention has been placed on the overall housing market over the past several years. At Park Springs, we have been focusing on helping our members overcome the concern of having to sell a home in today’s market. Our Vintage Home Plan is designed to help our members market and sell their existing homes, while allowing them to move into and enjoy the lifestyle of Park Springs during the sales period for their home. We have recently been seeing more activity in the homes that are in our program.

A reason for this is that according to a recent Macro Markets Press Release dated June 22, 2011, most housing experts feel as if the housing market has stabilized, and that the “US residential real estate market is at a historic turning point.” However, the experts clarify that this is best described as a “forcast of price stability rather than a rebound.”

The report results are an indication of the overall US housing market. However, residential real estate varies significantly region by region, state by state, and neighborhood by neigborhood. If you are considering Park Springs retirement community, please inquire about our Vintage Home Plan. Our team will help evaluate your current home, and help you determine if now is a good time to sell your home, and begin to enjoy  Atlanta retirement community.

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