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2011 was another great year for Park Springs.  Park Springs has now completed its seventh year of operations, and continues to grow and exceed all expectations.  Park Springs continues to provide a great place to live and work in Atlanta senior living.

In reviewing some of the accomplishments in 2011 there are a few that astonish me that I would like to share.  First I would like to recognize the wonderful staff that serves the members of Park Springs and their accomplishments.

The Facility Services team at Park Springs average a work order turn around rate of under forty-eight hours, and completed refurbishments of over forty houses and villas this year.

The Environmental Services team did over 350,000 pounds of laundry in 2011 which is equal to the weight of six fully loaded semi trucks.

The Cobblestone Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living team of Park Springs had another great survey from the Department of Health, we received four minor deficiencies compared to a Georgia state average of eight and ZERO were related to nursing care.

The Home Health department completed 2011 with its seventh consecutive deficiency free survey.

The Food and Beverage department served and cook over 276,000 meals.

As you can see it has been a busy year here at Park Springs.  We accomplished all these and much more while remaining 91% occupied and having an employee turn over of 30% for an all time low.

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