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Michael Heselbarth - Executive Director


The following is a letter written to Michael Heselbarth, Executive Director, from the daughter of one of our Park Springs Members, thanking the staff for their years of the utmost love and support while caring for her parents.




Dear Mr. Heselbarth,

Our family is incredibly grateful to Park Springs for so many reasons the past three and a half years or so, and this letter is an attempt to reflect on what your Atlanta assisted living community in its entirety has meant to us. Transitioning one’s parents through these years is difficult and challenging for everyone, but Park Springs, being who you are in the sum total, has made it a great deal easier and a more pleasant, richer experience. Your caring, positive staff plus whatever else you do to bring out the best in everyone makes a huge difference in the day to day life, especially for the people with physical and emotional challenges in these stages. You all have a community that even makes it fun!

Starting with Anresa Davis, Senior Residency Counselor, before my parents moved to Park Springs, here is a lady meant to spend whatever amount of time it took to understand and be comfortable with such a move. She treated them with respect and dignity, assuredness and pleasantness.

Once moved in, they’ve had such a pleasant time with the many interesting and caring co-retirees that also chose to retire in Atlanta. The size of your population is wonderful and allows people an easy flow of choices as they wish, with lots of opportunities for enjoyment.

The staff in the dining rooms have taken particular interest and care of the residents, which goes a long way with the challenges your population faces. It matters!

Our recent more difficult challenges with my Dad’s final illness and days, and my Mom’s illness, have particularly been made more bearable by the staff at Cobblestone. These were unfamiliar waters to us in every sense of the word. Starting with my parent’s main nurse, who came to the unit at the time of emergency, and at every other difficult turn, her quiet, reserved grasp of the situation and ability to provide to all of us the necessary information and intuitive care, was huge. The other nurses and healthcare providers helped us with the “big picture” in every respect.

For me, the particular care from my parent’s main healthcare providers and many others, with the direct, very personal care to both of my parents within the Atlanta assisted living community, was deeply touching and caring. As I mentioned in my Dad’s memorial service, “these precious faces walked us through these unfamiliar difficult times, held our hands, and gave us hugs along the way.”

My Mom thinks of Dr. White as the first doctor she has ever had who truly listens and cares about her wellbeing. It has been a great comfort, even as sick as she was also for the duration, to have her guiding us through my Dad’s last days and my Mom’s illness. And who wouldn’t be perked up by Shona Alexander, Director of Clinical & Homecare Services, and the other health care staff?

The other unusual and daily uplifting occurrences were the uncanny seeming to know almost immediately, greetings from the staff in the halls, “how are your parents/Dad/Mom doing?” including the young man who delivered dinner to my Mom’s door with a mention of “I’m sorry for your loss.” It’s more like friends and family, rather than an employee just getting a job done. Thank you staff!

Yes, there are sometimes issues with parking or not getting a Tylenol on time, but Park Springs’ all encompassing essence has truly been a blessing. All the effort you go to in order to achieve this is well worth it in a realm about the “bottom line.” We are very grateful that my parents found just the right place for this stage of their life.

With ever good wish,

A Park Springs Member’s Daughter

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