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Frank Apperson, Accounting Director

Hi!  My name is Frank Apperson, the Director of Accounting here at Park Springs LLC.  A major part of my job is to write the annual budget.  The budget for Fiscal Year 2011 is, of course,  no exception. We were very successful in writing a budget for next year that covers our expenses, provides an appropriate return to the business, and minimizes any possibly adverse impacts on the personal finances of our members.  Our annual goal is to not exceed a 4% increase as much as possible in the Monthly Fee.  While that has not always occurred, we are very pleased to say that for the second straight year we have kept our Monthly Fee adjustment to LESS THAN 4%!  Our average fee adjustment since 2004 now stands at 5.4%, but the average over the past two years is 3.6%.  Therefore, the overall average continues to decline.  This is great news for our members!  We strive to provide the very best in service and amenities here at our premier Atlanta retirement community Park Springs, but we strive equally to keep costs down as matters of both policy and practice.

I personally would like to thank our superb team of Directors, our Executive Director Michael Heselbarth, and our Member Finance Committee for working so hard to help get this budget done accurately, on time, and within our plan parameters.  Excellence is always our target here, and this group well demonstrates that excellence!

The Park Springs’ team wishes you the very finest of the new year for you and your family.

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