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“Moving to Park Springs is the best gift we could have given our children.”

This statement, an expression of love and respect, is one that reverberates with many Members who have moved to Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier retirement community at the base of Stone Mountain, and one that is echoed in conversations with various Members over the years.

Dr. and Mrs. Dalton and Becky McGlamry

Mrs. McGlamry recounted how she closed her mother’s home after her death. “I thought then that we did not need to burden our kids with a similar process. My husband and I looked at many different places, but since our kids are in the Atlanta area, we decided on Park Springs.”

The McGlamry’s live right over the Community Hall. “It was a very good decision for us to move to this gorgeous, spacious home in this central location within Park Springs.”

Dr. McGlamry was initially interested in moving to a large 55+ development in Florida, especially since he was interested in a home with a garage. With covered parking provided at Park Springs, he joined his wife in celebrating life at Park Springs. “Here you live in a true community. During last year’s ice storm, we again experienced how caring our staff is, and how much they did to manage our meals and our safety during very difficult circumstances.”

The McGlamry’s note that “our original neighborhood has completely changed. People need to realize that their home is no longer the same today that it was before.  You don’t want to be the only ones left. Leaving your original home for Park Springs is not resigning yourself to aging, but rather, it is a liberation.”

Dr. McGlamry’s advice? “Come earlier than you were planning to, so that you can enjoy what we have here at Park Springs.”

Testimonial from the McGlamry’s

Dr. and Mrs. John and Marilyn Peatman

Dr.  and Mrs. Peatman moved to Park Springs in May 2014.

When Dr. Peatman retired from teaching, his children were somewhat concerned and wondered “What is Dad going to do with his time and energy?”

They need not have worried about their parents, who have embraced the Park Springs lifestyle with gusto. Their calendar is filled with a great variety of activities and meetings, and lots of social events with the many new friends they have made at Park Springs.

Dr. Peatman is a member of Park Springs Good Neighbor program, on the Board of the Park Springs Foundation and active on the senior community’s Marketing Committee, while Mrs. Peatman has performed in Marvin Himmel’s play for the past two years, enjoys exercising, and attends many of the lectures offered through the Women’s Forum. One of her favorite times of the week is her centering prayer group on Monday afternoons. In addition, she is the Secretary of the Park Springs Residents Council, which involves quite a bit of administrative duties behind the scenes.

Testimonial from the Peatman’s

To learn more about living at Park Springs by Isakson Living, or to schedule a personal tour of Park Springs, please contact one of Park Springs’ Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300 or visit our website.

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