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until-i-write-againRecently, Lisa Kiely, Director of Wellness and Community Life Services invited her good friend and author Kristen Obaranec, APR, Communications Director – Marketing and Communications at the YMCA OF METRO ATLANTA to talk about her book “Until I write again…Love, Sam. Letters Home During World  War II.”

Kristen was well received by the Park Springs Members. By happenstance, one of the Members, Mr. Vanstrum, knew Sam Keyes, the gentleman featured in the book, and shared some stories about him. As a result, Kristen reached out to Mr. Vanstrum after the event and now they have become friends.

Kristen Obaranec notes: “I met many interesting people last week at Park Springs. I was invited to speak about a book I developed, edited and published. “Until I Write Again … Love, Sam” is a collection of World War II letters written home by Sam Keyes, who was a friend of my parents.

“Through the letters, Sam tells his story of enlisting at age 18 and spending three years in the Army, including his D-Day landing on Omaha Beach. He captures his thoughts, concern for family members back home, travel experiences, Army life, and journey into adulthood.

“Everyone who gathered for the book discussion had an interesting story to share. Whether through letters, diaries, reflections, or even old photographs, stories connect us and document our lives for future generations of family members.”

Kristen recommends: “Don’t wait to commit your memoir, story or experiences to paper. Even easier, record your story with a cassette recorder, and let someone else transcribe it. It’s never too late, and each of us has a story to tell. After all, Sam’s letters sat untouched in shoe boxes for more than 60 years.”

One of the Park Springs members said: “I read the book and was very glad to go through Captain Sam’s war adventures. My Dad had a similar tour of duty, but he would never talk about anything other than being glad to make it home. I really enjoyed the book.”

To read some of Sam’s letters, visit www.untiliwriteagain.com.

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