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More energy, improved immune system, reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s, better balance, less pain, and an overall higher quality of life are all possible. No, it is not a magic pill. All of these benefits, plus many more, can be obtained through exercise.

Exercise is almost easy here at Park Springs. Our members have state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff and members to lead them at our Atlanta active adult community. Our fitness center, lap pool, therapy pool, and hot tub are open seven days a week. We offer six land classes and five water classes each week, and that is not even counting water volleyball and dancing!! Be it Tai Chi, yoga, water yoga, water aerobics, stretch, tone, and balance, or cardio and resistance training in the fitness center, we offer something for everyone.

Park Springs Member Elgy Z.

Elgy Z., a member here since 2006, exercises practically every day. She enjoyed a long career in nursing, so she is keenly aware of the health benefits of exercise. Elgy enthusiastically states:

“The body is a temple, and we have to take care of this gift we have been given.”

She attends many of the group exercise classes, enjoys walking, and even exercises in the pool with another member three days a week. She also teaches a Saturday morning exercise class which she inherited from Stefanie L., another Park Springs member. Elgy and dozens of other members here at Park Springs serve as role models, showing all generations just how beneficial exercise can be.


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