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Alzheimer’s Support Group: By Barbara Rives

Sharing Senior Moments  We find a lot of consolation and just plain fun in discovering that the Senior Moment is common to us all. We don’t make fun of full blown dementia, being aware that none of us is immune to the possibility of our being the next to succumb, but we do love to


Experience, Understand a Different Reality: Take the Virtual Dementia Tour® with Sandra Durbin

Sandra Durbin, Director of Health Services at Park Springs, who had been certified for about ten years prior to 2014, was recently recertified as a Certified Trainer for the Virtual Dementia Tour®.  The Virtual Dementia Tour® is a scientifically proven method of training that is designed to build sensitivity and awareness in individuals who care


Art and Artists: By Barbara Rives

Art and artists have become a big deal here (at Park Springs) after initial Herculean efforts. When our community opened, there was an intense struggle for power between competing groups. One room seemed large enough to accommodate art groups with varying interests. The problem was that the same type of room was needed for Bingo.


Barbara Rives: Storytelling with Pen, Paint, and Puppets

Mrs. Barbara Rives, a long-time Member of Park Springs, the luxury retirement community in Stone Mountain, observes life with an artist’s eye – and shares her stories in many different ways. The retired elementary school teacher calls herself “a frustrated writer” – though she is anything but frustrated! Instead, she has become a delightful, funny


At Park Springs, Mame and Charlie Hooper Bring and Find Joy

When Mame and Charlie Hooper moved to Park Springs on July 26, 2006, they were the first to move into the 6000 building, where they live in a beautifully appointed 1,800 sq. ft. villa overlooking the tree tops on the 54-acre campus. For Mr. Hooper, the fact that Park Springs was a designated continuing care

Burns, Doug 2016

Doug Burns: “The Whole Reason to Move Here? The People”

When Doug Burns makes up his mind, things happen quickly. Mr. Burns moved into Park Springs in December 2015. He and his late wife Judy had built their forever home in Duluth, but the home had become too quiet. Even though he had served for years on the neighborhood’s homeowners association and thought that it

golfcart at Stn Mntn

Park Springs Members Play Golf Year-Round

Park Springs Members Play Golf Year-Round Written by Park Springs Tuesday July 27th 2016 Enjoy Two 18-Hole Championship Golf Courses In Their Backyard  Les Carter was 78 years when he started playing golf after moving to Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier retirement community located at the foot of Stone Mountain. Today, 12 years later, Mr. Carter

PS Mr. Cunningham van2

Veterans Administration Presents New Van to William Cunningham at Park Springs

On July 15, Mr. William Cunningham, Park Springs Member, was recognized for his 31 years of service in the military. He served from 1947 until 1978 in the United States Marine Corps where he attained the rank of Colonel. During his exemplary service, he was awarded three Purple Hearts. In the Vietnam War, Mr. Cunningham


Long-time Atlanta Residents “Join the Family” at Park Springs

After raising their two children in Brookhaven, where they lived for 25 years, followed by 17 years in their large Sandy Springs home, Chris and Linda Clark knew that they wanted to make only one more move – and stay in the Atlanta area. “We decided that we did not want to chase our kids,

Art Munsell 2016

‘Reluctant Bachelors’ Find Support, Companionship at Park Springs

“We like to think that we are the stronger sex,” says Park Springs Member Art Munsell, a tall, worldly nonagenarian. “But when my dear Naomi died after 63 years of marriage, it was very hard. After two years, I still miss the heck out of her.” He found that he was not alone. At Park

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