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On Sunday, June 30, readers of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution were treated to an in-depth profile of Bob Carling who was featured in the “First Person” column. The article, in Mr. Carling’s voice, was written by Michelle Hiskey, a long-time contributor to the AJC.

Notes Lisa Kiely, Park Springs’ Director of Wellness and Community Life Services: “I’m so thrilled Mr. Carling was featured in the sports section of the AJC because physical activity has been an important part of his daily life.” In fact, when Lisa was talking with Mr. Carling about the article, he shared the following with her:

“Exercise and activity are very important in my life. In 1983, thirty years ago, I had a heart attack that resulted in open heart surgery. At the time I had a home on Lake Burton in the Georgia mountains. I determined to get more exercise and for years after that I would do water aerobics two hours every day in the summer, and in the winter I continued an aerobics program in Duluth.

I have continued this since moving to Park Springs. I must add that my cardiologist always asks if I am still doing the water exercise and he never fails to remind me that the water exercise has gotten me to 96! I am proud of this part of my life and I am told by many of my fellow swimmers that I set an example for them.”

“Mr. Carling is an inspiration to all of us here at Park Springs. His dedication, determination and zest for life are legendary,” says Lisa.

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