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Caregiver stress is the emotional and physical strain of providing care to a loved one.  This type of stress can be very challenging and can take multiple forms. Some people get frustrated with a loved one who has dementia that constantly wanders away, others are exhausted from the mental and physical strain of caregiving, and some feel guilty, despite giving their all, they feel they are never giving enough.   Is there a caregiver out there that can tell me what they do to prevent caregiver stress? Here at Park Springs, Atlanta area retirement community, we have caregiver support groups to help spouses during difficult times with loved ones. The caregiver support group is a powerful method of coping and provides the opportunity to improve coping skills. These groups also provide people with common experiences the chance to learn from one another, share with one another, and most importantly provide emotional support. If you are a caregiver looking for a family (like Park Springs) to support you during a difficult time, I challenge you to make the first step and contact Park Springs Atlanta Continuing Care Retirement Community where differences are made.

Healthfully Yours,

Shona Alexander

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