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Love Thy Neighbor

“How do you thank one anonymous Member for their personal financial contribution which allowed the Park Springs Foundation to purchase a new bus for use by the Park Springs community?  Perhaps by intentionally increasing our love, admiration and respect for each of the Members of our Park Springs family,” Said Norman Harbaugh.  ” This would provide

Fitness Guru

Fitness Guru   By: Lenoria Mackey Mr. George S. has always had a passion for physical fitness.  George has worked out for a long time. He swam laps daily, and utilized free weights into his workouts.  About nine years ago, George underwent a four-way heart by-pass surgery. This major complication didn’t stop him from achieving his

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month  By: Kitty Lotz Painting is something I always wanted to do but just never got around to it.  A high-school teacher, Mrs. Mary M., in my hometown of Durham, NC, planted the seed for me many, many years ago. Somehow working, raising a family, and many other life events, kept painting

Rehab Corner

Rehab Corner   By: Coleen Jeter Decreased visual acuity does not have to lead to the loss of independence. Often simple changes in the home combined with the use of low vision aids and proper organization can allow the person with visual impairment to live as they had been used to living. If your vision prevents

Honoring our Residents

Honoring our Residents By: Delysia McNair Howard D. has lived in Atlanta most of his life, and was studying electrical engineering at Georgia Tech when the war interrupted his career plans. Joining the army in April 1942, he was selected for the radar program. He went to OCS, finished his degree at Georgia Tech, and then went

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