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“Once I Saw It for Myself, I Was Hooked”

Some years ago, Katrina Shoemaker’s daughter brought her mom a brochure from Park Springs. “I flipped through it and basically stuck it in the bottom of a drawer,” recalls Katrina. At the time she was living in Sycamore Station, a Decatur townhome community. “I loved it but increasingly it was becoming a community of young

It’s Like Being on Vacation Everyday

We can say that folks wish they’d moved to Park Springs sooner, but our Members say it best! Listen in as Members Doug Burns, Marilyn and John Peatman, Linda and Chris Clark and Katrina Shoemaker share their stories about their new active lifestyle at Park Springs. When asked to describe life at Park Springs, many

Making the Decision to Move to Park Springs

At Park Springs we understand how important it is to make your own decision – chart your on course. In this video our Members share why they are glad they made the decision to move to Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier resort-style retirement community surrounded by Stone Mountain Park. In addition, our Director of Sales and

“Everyone Says They Wish They’d Done It Sooner”

Ann and Richard Brock were excited about the idea of making the move to a luxury retirement community. In fact, they had decided on a well-known Atlanta high-rise and had even picked out an apartment. “When we got there we saw that it was quite dark and had a closed-in feeling.” They visited another community

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“Nothing Compares to Park Springs”

Asked why he and wife Dell chose Park Springs, Peter McGarr says, “There may not be one single reason we made the move. But I can tell you the reason we’re going to stay. We’ve traveled the world and spent time in the finest places, but nothing compares to the staff and service at Park

Trivia – By Barbara Rives

The author, Mrs. Barbara Rives, has been a Member of Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier retirement community, since 2004. Every other Saturday afternoon, Trivia fanatics, intellectual types, aspiring intellectual types, and a few clueless folks show up in the community hall with their two quarters to try to win some money from others. This activity was

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Helicopter Children – By Barbara Rives

Helicopter Parents have taken a bad rap lately for enabling their children to remain dependent upon them for life. Here at Park Springs we have an epidemic of Helicopter Children, hovering over us when we are so certain of our own good sense that we don’t always appreciate their efforts. While we love complaining about

At Park Springs, My Kids Don’t Worry About Me

“Moving to Park Springs is the best gift we could have given our children.” This statement, an expression of love and respect, is one that reverberates with many Members who have moved to Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier retirement community at the base of Stone Mountain, and one that is echoed in conversations with various Members

Technoman – By Barbara Rives

In this era of super heroes, we are proud to be the recipients of the wisdom and mystique of our own Technoman. As far as I know, he doesn’t even possess a cape, and I’ve never witnessed him flying over the community, but many of us have faith that he would prevail over Super, Spider,

Canes: By Barbara Rives

Walking canes are a hazard in a retirement community because they function as close to a trip wire as is possible when they find their way to the floor. Unfortunately, finding their way to the floor is what walking canes are all about. Because of this, I feel justified in refusing to try one to

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