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Getting Outdoors in the Spring

Spring offers a variety of activities that will allow you to have fun in the sun. Living at Park Springs means you have access to great outdoor activities right in our neighborhood. Here are a few suggestions: Nature Walk: A nature walk on one of our trails is always a relaxing and enjoyable way to

Park Springs Wellness Clinic

The Park Springs Wellness Clinic Offers Convenient On-site Care

At Park Springs, the luxury retirement community in Stone Mountain, the emphasis is on maintaining an independent, active lifestyle – and that includes excellent wellness and healthcare options that are available to all Members. Wellness Clinic at Park Springs Conveniently located right in the Park Springs Clubhouse on the Park Springs campus, the Wellness Clinic,

The Twelve Days of Fitness – Park Springs’ Culture of Wellness

This December, Park Springs’ Fitness Center Manager, Reggie Porter MS, CSCS, ACSM-EP-C, has introduced ‘The Twelve Days of Fitness’ at Park Springs. “The idea behind this program is to get our Members to exercise during the month of December when people often put their fitness goals and routines on hold as they travel and indulge

Right-sizing and the Upsides of Downsizing

Some call it ‘Downsizing’: the move from the home where you have lived for a long time to a smaller residence in an active adult or retirement community – but maybe “Right-sizing” is a better description, notes Susan Mahoney, Director of Sales & Marketing with Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier retirement community. Many seniors will reach

social wellness at park springs

Culture of Wellness at Park Springs Includes Social Wellness

September is Healthy Aging Month. At Park Springs, the luxury retirement community in Stone Mountain, we also focus on social wellness and its importance to overall wellbeing in addition to physical health and fitness. What is social wellness? Social wellness requires one to not only reach out to others – but also to accept similar

Culture of Wellness: Stay Steady and Prevent Falls

  As we age, we are more prone to fall and after experiencing a bad fall, some people develop a fear of falling – which in turn may put the person at risk for more falls! As outlined in this article by Linda Melone, “7 Surprising Things that Affect Your Balance,” vision, hearing and medications

Wellness at Park Springs

Park Springs’ Culture of Wellness Includes Being Social

As Deborah Long outlines in her excellent article in Grandparents.com, 6 Health Benefits of Being Social, being social really does contribute to seniors’ health and wellbeing. At Park Springs, Members have access to a wealth of opportunities to make new friends, participate in cultural, intellectual and fitness activities, and stretch their creative talents. The Member-driven

Park Springs Meal Service: Serving Trays

Superior Park Springs Meal Service Is Vital Part of Community’s Culture of Wellness

  Healthy eating is an integral part of the healthy lifestyle and the overall Culture of Wellness at Park Springs, the luxury retirement community that provides seniors with independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care on its beautiful 54-acre campus near Stone Mountain. Recently, the Health & Wellness committee shared interesting information about the

Body Sport ball in Park Springs' gym

Park Springs Promotes A Culture of Wellness

As Community Life Services Director at Park Springs, Jennifer Durham focuses on the wellness of the Members who live at the luxury retirement community in Stone Mountain – but also on the wellness of the approximately 400 employees who work at Park Springs. “We strongly support the overall “Culture of Wellness” at Park Springs,” explains

Fitness Center at Park Springs Atlanta Retirement Community

Park Springs Wellness Challenge 2015: Which Building Is the Fittest?

“It’s that time again,” says Park Springs Fitness Center Manager, Reggie Porter MS, CSCS, ACSM-HFS. “It’s January, and that means it is time for Park Springs’ biggest fitness program, the Wellness Challenge!” Again this year, Park Springs members and staff are encouraged to participate in the annual Wellness Challenge. This is a free challenge, designed

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