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Donna Howson

Donna Howson, RN recently joined the staff at Cobblestone Health Center as Director of Nursing. Previously, she held a management position within UHS-Pruitt Corporation, a leading post-acute and long-term health care company serving communities in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Mrs. Howson also has more than ten years of long term care experience.

At Park Springs, she oversees the entire nursing staff and works closely with other departments as well, such as Housekeeping and Food & Beverage, to make sure that all Park Springs Members at Cobblestone have the best of care.

“I am very Member-focused, and our Members are my first priority,” she says. “To me, they quickly become part of my family. It is very important that they are happy here and enjoy a healthy, clean environment.”

Originally from Jamaica, Mrs. Howson and her family, including five children, reside in Fayetteville (GA) – but the 45-minute commute does not prevent her from checking on her Members and staff at Cobblestone, even on her free days.

“I always give 100%. I completed Nursing School with a degree in Critical Care in Pediatrics, but for me as a mom, working with small children proved too difficult, so I focused on adult emergency care. I am also trained as a dialysis nurse,” explains Mrs. Howson, who welcomes the rapid technological advances in the field of medicine, and nursing in particular.

“Technology is really helping us to do an even better job. At Cobblestone, we are in the process of going paperless, which will make information sharing so much easier,” notes Mrs. Howson. “We have a smart and dedicated team here, and Cobblestone provides excellent opportunities for staff development.”

To serve others is ingrained in Mrs. Howson, who is also very active in her church. “I guess my father taught me this when I was a just little girl. I loved hearing him preach, and once really scared my mother when I, just 8 years old, set out on my own to join him at a fellowship meeting in the next town – without telling her!”

It sure has been an interesting road from Jamaica to Cobblestone. Welcome, Mrs. Howson!


  1. joan benson on February 25, 2014 at 3:44 pm said:

    To put the patient first with a caring spirit is essential no matter what the circumstances may be. Sometimes the patient has no one close by and a kind word from the heart can mean so much. Healing is not just physical, it involves the whole person’s persona. Thank you, Donna, for striving to bring Cobblestone Care to the forefront !

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