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Mac McNair

Colonel Nimrod “Mac” McNair’s tall, commanding presence still reminds people that he served more than thirty years in the USA Air Force as a command pilot and a rated navigator. He joined the Army Air Corps right after Pearl Harbor, making $21 per month as a private, and quickly learned how to fly.

During combat in World War II and in Vietnam, Colonel McNair flew more than 600 combat hours on 110 missions, was shot down twice and survived four airplane crashes.

In addition to his pilot days, Colonel McNair has enjoyed a distinguished career: he was a professor at North Carolina State University, a director of the aerospace program in the Pentagon, an Air Force advisor to NASA, a combat advisor in Vietnam, and a candidate of governor of the State of Georgia. He has been awarded the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross and other decorations.

He and his first wife of 63 years moved to Park Springs in 2004, where he cared for her until her death a few years later. It was also at Park Springs that he met his current wife, the delightful Mrs. Delysia Rose McNair.

‘We met in church, and found new happiness together,” he smiles. “We share our spiritual relationship with God, which brings us peace and joy every day, and she supports my focus on ethics in business and society based on the Ten Commandments.”

Avid travelers, Colonel and Mrs. McNair went back to Normandy (France), site of the D-Day landing, just last year, though Colonel McNair tells that he was even more moved by revisiting Nueremberg where he was stationed for the Nueremberg Trials immediately following WWII.

Colonel McNair is one of a number of US veterans who live at Park Springs – though he is probably one of the few who served in four wars during the 20th Century: World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War and Vietnam.

He has authored a number of books based on the world history he experienced first-hand, including close encounters with such famous leaders as General George S. Patton, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Anwar Sadat of Egypt – as well as several KGB operatives, and even a big old swamp rat in Vietnam. He has a great collection of photos of the many different aircraft he flew as a test pilot.

On this Memorial Day, we thank Colonel McNair and the many men and women who have protected our nation through their service in the US Armed Forces.


  1. Brett Courtenay on May 29, 2014 at 7:17 am said:

    A nicer man you will not ever meet and a True American Hero!

    God Bless.

  2. We are all proud to have Colonel Mac a wonderful part of our family! And so enjoy hearing his brave and heroic stories that he accomplished out of the love of flying and commitment to protecting the US!
    Scott, Kellie, Macrae & Connor

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