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GardnerPark Springs Member Donald (Don) Gardner is pretty happy about having atrial fibrillation.

It’s not that he finds the idea of an irregular heartbeat so appealing. Don is grateful that the condition – which can lead to a stroke if undetected – is so easy to manage now that he’s living at Park Springs.

“Dr. White, our geriatric physician, checks my vital signs and reviews my medication every four weeks right here in the Park Springs clinic.” Don feels great and hasn’t let the condition get in the way of a busy and active life.

After the death of his wife Norma, Don lived at a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in North Carolina. He moved to Park Springs (also a CCRC) in 2011 to be near family.

Don hit the ground running. He became an active member of the health and wellness committee and finds time for regular workouts in the Park Springs fitness center.

“I work with a personal trainer and exercise on my own for nearly two hours several times a week.” Thanks to his healthy lifestyle and close monitoring of his condition, Don’s heart now shows no signs of irregularity.

He and other members of the health and wellness committee are currently planning a three-part seminar series on Alzheimer’s disease. They’re working with Emory University and other experts to present much-needed information for Members, adult children and the general public. The seminar is scheduled for May.

Days are busy and productive at Park Springs. They’re fun, too. Don loves dining out and frequently joins other Members for lunch and dinner outings to Atlanta’s hottest new restaurants.

The easy-going, health-focused lifestyle at Park Springs suits Don Gardner to a tee. Citing studies that suggest older adults live longer in a CCRC environment, he notes adds, “I’ve heard it said that it’s better to be five years early than five minutes late. And I certainly agree.”

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