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“For years, Becky asked me to take dancing lessons with her. But somehow I was always busy with a meeting at the hospital or making rounds with the residents,” says Dr. Dalton McGlamry.

But when the couple moved to Park Springs in 2004, it was time for Dalton to face the music. He did, and he’s never looked back!

The McGlamrys have been kicking up their heels ever since, with weekly lessons and a monthly dance. One of their teachers is fellow Member Floyd Fawcett. “Every time we get pretty good at a particular dance, Floyd decides to introduce a new one!” says Dalton.

When Becky and Dalton were ready to move from their large home in Tucker they had firm ideas about what they wanted their future to look like.

“We wanted to be in charge of our own choices,” says Becky.

They looked at a number of communities, but none offered as much as Park Springs. Here the McGlamrys are as engaged in life as they’ve ever been. Becky was a medical writer who worked for the CDC, and Dalton was a podiatrist and author of a classic medical textbook.

On any given day you might find Becky working out at the Park Springs fitness center, joining a group at the Atlanta symphony or volunteering at Cobblestone, the onsite health center.

When he’s not dancing, Dalton is active with the Park Springs Men’s Forum planning events like a learn-to-use-your-Kindle class. “I’m also part of a group we call the Grumpy Old Men. We go out to lunch every Thursday with absolutely no agenda and no purpose except to have fun.”

Becky agrees that the best part about life at Park Springs is the people. “There’s an easy camaraderie within the community and you don’t have to wait for the weekends to socialize.”

“One of the things we love is having friends in for a drink before going down to dinner together,” says Becky. “It’s a wonderful, easy way to entertain at home without the hassle of preparing a meal or doing the dishes. All we’ve got is the wine glasses to wash!”

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