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Park Springs Member Emmy Conlon Wii Snowboarding

Emmy Conlon is quite the athlete. She has stayed active basically her entire life, hiking in California throughout her youth and later with her children, Tommy and Lynn. She also spent time walking, working out with her personal trainer, swimming, and more. Emmy starting using our fitness center immediately after moving to Park Springs, to retire among the premiere Atlanta active adult communities. Emmy works out faithfully with her trainer, Lee Fidler, for two hours a week. She also uses the stationary bike, the BioStep, and attends stretch, tone and balance classes. As fit as she is, Emmy is always willing to try new things, like snow skiing and snowboarding on the Wii. (Check out the photo!)

The Wii Fit balance system allows our members the opportunity to enhance their balance training in a fun and interactive way. Using a balance board, players shift their weight right and left or forward and back. This improves concentration, reflexes, agility, and balance. Emmy’s two favorites are snow skiing and snowboarding. She has even set a personal best of 41.73 seconds on the snowboarding, with zero gates missed. It looks like it will be a long time before anyone breaks that record. Way to go Emmy!

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