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When Park Springs Member Estelle Hendrickson was offered a job with the Stone Mountain Park educational staff she was pleased, but not totally surprised.

After all, Estelle had always worked as a licensed tour guide and educator. Soon after moving to Park Springs in 2004, Estelle’s husband passed away. She started spending more time at Confederate Hall and other historic sites at the park.

The job is a definitely a labor of love. “I work three days a week at the education building at the base of the walkup trail to the mountain and I give all the money I earn to charity,”explains Estelle.

Like anyone who interacts with the public, Estelle has run into her share of memorable situations.

“Recently a gentleman from Japan walked over from the MARTA bus station pulling a suitcase. He took out a pair of flip flops and asked if he could leave his bag with me while he climbed Stone Mountain.”

Estelle suggested that his choice of footwear might not be ideal but the tourist was determined. “Three hours later he hobbled in to pick up his things. He literally had tears in his eyes from the pain but he was very pleased with himself!”

Her colleagues are also quite interesting and have become like an extended family for Estelle, who does not have relatives in the area.

Aside from her work, Estelle enjoys life in diverse ways. She’s a member of the Red Hat Society and the Stone Mountain Historic Society and values her involvement in the community.

Even though her husband is not around to enjoy it with her, Estelle feels that they made a wise choice by moving to Park Springs.

“I’ve seen some other places, including one in New Jersey near my daughter,” she says.

“But when I looked into it I realized it was beautiful but it lacked the continuing care that we have at Park Springs. My husband had gone through some challenging times with his own parents and he was convinced of the importance of onsite health care.”

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