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Yours, Mine and Ours!  With their parents at Park Springs, it’s a win-win-win!


It sounds like the storyline of a contemporary sitcom. Both sets of parents of a married couple in their 50s are considering residential retirement options. Their needs are quite different and they don’t even live in the same city. But—cue the laugh track—they end up in the same community.

That’s exactly what happened to Tucker residents Linda Wood and Eric Osgood. The couple, both 53, were as surprised as anyone when their parents—Joyce and Dick Wood and Jan and Don Osgood—chose Park Springs.

The Woods (Linda’s folks) had been living in Birmingham since Dick retired from the Air Force. “We tried to encourage them to move to Atlanta several years ago,” says Linda. “They even got as far as holding a garage sale to start downsizing, but Mom just wasn’t ready.”

Fast forward to early 2014. On Joyce’s 80th birthday Linda broached the subject of a move to Park Springs. “I was shocked when Mom said, ‘Let’s go visit today.’” Everyone loved what they saw.

About six months later Joyce and Dick were settling into their roomy Park Springs villa. Linda was delighted to hear her mom say she didn’t miss her Birmingham home at all. Today the couple frequently dines with other Park Springs Members. They are regulars at the Park Springs pool and Joyce is an active volunteer in the General Store.

Different needs lead to same destination.

Jan and Don Osgood—Eric’s parents—shared their Tucker home for 49 years. About 10 years ago Jan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and had recently moved to a facility in Decatur.

“Dad was driving back and forth every day to see Mom and though she was getting good care, he wanted to be closer to her,” recalls Eric. Don took a hard look at the big picture, including the finances, and concluded that a move was the right choice. One of the main draws was Cobblestone, Park Springs’ on-campus skilled nursing and memory care center, the ideal setting for Jan.

Within weeks of their September 2014 move it was apparent to everyone who knew Don that he seemed happier and less burdened than he had in years. “From his villa Dad can walk to Cobblestone to see Mom in about three minutes, and he can visit several times a day. They often have lunch together and he pops in to tuck her in at bedtime,” Eric adds.

So many reasons.

Linda and Eric are confident that their parents made the wise choice. Says Eric, “We like Park Springs for so many reasons including the large campus, the four dining options, the fitness center, the activities and the variety of people. Now when we visit we can spend quality time with our parents rather than working on home repair projects.”

They also value the peace of mind. “We don’t have to worry about what happens if the power goes out. We know our folks are going to be taken care of. And if they need us, we’re right up the road.”

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Park Springs is Atlanta’s premier retirement community surrounded by Stone Mountain Park’s championship golf courses. The beautiful 54 acre campus with private access to the park includes spacious homes, cottages and villas for easy independent, maintenance free living; plus resort-style amenities and services, exceptional dining options and fitness programs. Park Springs also offers a full continuum of onsite healthcare services ranging from routine wellness to home care, assisted living to skilled nursing and everything in between. Schedule a tour today. www.ParkSprings.com

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