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Floyd and Louise Fawcett

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Louise Fawcett were one of the first couples to sign up for a new home at Park Springs. In 1999, five years before their actual move-in date in December 2004, the couple decided that living in a well-planned senior retirement community like Park Springs would suit their lifestyle perfectly. In addition, it was what they wanted for their children, four sons and one daughter.

“Aging is not for the faint-hearted. We had experienced that first-hand with our own parents, and knew that we did not want to burden our children with the cares and worries that can overwhelm families when parents age,” explains Mr. Fawcett.

Before settling into their lovely ‘cottage’ at Park Springs, the Fawcetts had moved from Marietta to the Stone Mountain area. “We wanted to get to know this part of town, and we love how convenient we are to everything – including major traffic arteries, downtown Atlanta with its great restaurants and entertainment venues, and the airport,” says Mrs. Fawcett. “Some of our family, which includes fifteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, live relatively nearby, so Park Springs’ location is important to us!”

This year, they will celebrate ten years at Park Springs, and are enthusiastic ambassadors for the community.

“Life is just easy at Park Springs. Living here has exceeded our expectations, it is more delightful than what we dared hope for. We love the many activities – and it sure doesn’t hurt that we have four dining venues right on campus – as well as a great cleaning and maintenance staff. They are always happy to help, and so responsive! But above all, we enjoy the people who live here; we are surrounded by so many friends,” smiles Mrs. Fawcett.

The fit couple participates in a lot of different activities at Park Springs. Mr. Fawcett started the WII Bowling League, and they have great fun teaching ballroom dancing on campus. (The couple actually met at a dance where Mrs. Fawcett spotted Floyd, her future husband, bowed, and then boldly asked him if she “…could have this dance.”)

“Both Louise and I love to round-dance as well, which is ballroom dancing to cues, where ballroom steps are called by name,” says Mr. Fawcett.

Mrs. Fawcett leads a monthly hymn singing at Cobblestone, and is a member and organizes the music for the weekly non-denominational Cornerstone Fellowship hour at Park Springs.

They also enjoy being a part of different Park Springs entertainment programs. For Marvin Himmel’s annual musical show, Floyd takes on a number of backstage responsibilities and provides technical support as Assistant to the Producer in charge of sound, stage and lights. Louise and her “Dazzlin’ Dames & Dudes” put on variety shows that sometimes may include Minnie Pearl and Madame Butterfly in the same performance!

They both said: “We are thrilled to live at Park Springs and are so pleased that we made the decision to move here ten years ago. We have had the time and opportunity to pursue the many things we love to do – dancing, singing, spending time with family and great friends. We’re looking forward to the next decade!”

To learn more about living in Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier retirement community, please contact one of Park Springs’ Senior Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300.

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