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By: Lenoria Mackey

Mr. George S. has always had a passion for physical fitness.  George has worked out for a long time. He swam laps daily, and utilized free weights into his workouts.  About nine years ago, George underwent a four-way heart by-pass surgery. This major complication didn’t stop him from achieving his fitness goals.  It was during rehab at DeKalb Wellness Center, where he started a structured fitness regimen, which consisted of utilizing treadmills, bikes and the Aerodine. George used to weigh 221 lbs. Today, he weighs a fit 165 lbs. He contributes this to not only a diet that consists of low sugar, low fat, low cholesterol and no salt; but to a chosen lifestyle of healthy eating.  George fondly remembers the days when he would dread changing from his work clothes into swim trunks, to get some exercise after a hard day at work. George said, “Once I was changed and ready, all of the mental anguish washed away.  I was physically tired, but it was a good tired feeling.  It rejuvenated me!” He recommends all members of Park Springs to visit the staff at the Fitness Center, so that they can point you in the right direction, to keep your body in tune, horned in, so that you don’t become flabby; don’t worry about proving anything to anyone.  We’re still alive, and physical fitness will keep you alive!”

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