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Samone and Charles escorted a group of fourteen Park Springs Residents to Fox Bros. B-B-Q today, 27 July, for a delicious Bar-B-Q lunch. We underestimated the popularity of Fox Bros. and when we got there shortly after 11.00 o’clock, the restaurant was loaded with people and others hanging out the door trying to get in. Samone managed to get in line and wait until she could get enough seats for all of us. When we all got seated and I had my first bite of Bar-B-Q ribs, I knew that the wait was well worth it. Having grown up in Texas where Bar-B-Q is king, I will never loose my taste for good smoked meat. I am a Bar-B-Q fanatic. I read Bar-B-Q cook books and go on Bar-B-Q day trips. I love the idea of it’s slow cooking that repudiates the use of the modern convenience of microwave dinners. It transforms an ordinary cut of beef or pork into delectable forkfuls of mouth-watering flavor. A lot of eating establishments advertise Bar-B-Q that is not authentic. If you don’t see the smoke, it isn’t real Bar-B-Q. The best Bar-B-Q comes from what was once a pig, slow cooked over a wood fire, and served with good Bar-B-Q sauce and lots of soft white bread. I have also had good brisket, however it is not as tender or as sweet as pork. Jesse Jackson gave his unforgettable speech from a Bar-B-Q joint in Atlanta that Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders once frequented to eat good Bar-B-Q and plot strategy. I don’t care much for his preaching, but he knew how and where to draw a crowd. Our group all enjoyed their Bar-B-Q experience, and suggested that we return at another time. We decided that we should plan lunch at a later hour after the crowd has thinned out.

Bill S. – Park Springs’ Member   

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