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Every wondered what it would be like to live your retirement as a Park Springs resident? Read the below testimony from one of our many happy residents about how great a week can be here at Park Springs, a premiere Atlanta Retirement Community.

“It’s been an exciting week for Park Springs residents. It took the big red bus we have to transport the many Park Springs residents to the dinner club venture to Dante’s Down the Hatch restaurant in Atlanta. The restaurant was designed around an 18th century sailing ship concept with ship cabins provided for seating small groups to enjoy the experience of a delicious fondue dinner. The hostess fired up the oil pots while we sipped drinks and indulged on the fine bread. The menu offered many fine items to choose from. I ordered the mandarin combo which included cut pieces of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp and vegetables. Each bite was cooked to taste on the long fondue forks. We enjoyed the live entertainment of a guitar player located right behind our table. The diner encouraged fun and friendly conversation and tons of great food. The experience was enjoyed by everyone.

We finished the last of the Olli: Great Decisions series this week as well, with a most interesting lecture onIndonesia. This is a county that many of us knew very little about. These lectures have been extremely interesting and well presented by experts from the field. Each one was thought provoking and very informative and we all look forward to the next series schedule.

On Wednesday, Simone escorted a group of fifteen residents on an architectural tour of Bulkhead and downtownAtlanta. We picked up Jim H,many of us knew him from his guided tour of Northern Atlanta and his visual presentation ofWestern Europe. Jim led us on a leisurely tour through the Bulkhead community pointing out many architecturally outstanding homes of the rich and famous people who live inAtlanta. We learned to identify four basic styles of Greek architecture displayed on many of the house columns. This part of the tour was completed in time to have a delicious lunch at Six Feet Under, located right across the street from the famousOaklandCemetery. The restaurant is noted for its delicious fish dishes and many of us had their famous shrimp or fish baskets which includes their thin sliced fried potatoes. Everyone enjoyed the lunch.

We then took a bus tour aroundOaklandCemeterywith frequent stops for briefing information regarding the history and significant of the cemetery. We then toured downtown, midtown and uptownAtlantawith interesting briefings regarding the architect, architectural significance  and history of many ofAtlanta’s famous buildings. It was noted that many of the downtown buildings were designed by world famous architects like I.M Pei and Richard Meier. We then drove through Olympic park to end up at the world famous Peachtree Christian Church. The church is famous for its world class stained glass windows. The Minster escorted us through the sanctuary explaining each window and how they depicted the birth, life and crucifixion of Christ. This church is world famous and is more beautiful than any that I have see in Europe.

It was great week for Park Springs residents which provided many opportunities for site seeing, entertainment, knowledge of the area and good dining.

Park Springs Member- William S.

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