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ScheuerGeorge knows that long-term fitness takes discipline.

“After all these years Chef Derrick and I are definitely on a first-name basis,” says Park Springs Member George Scheuer (pronounced Shoy-er). George is known for his super-healthy eating habits and receives great support from Chef and the entire Park Springs dining staff.

George and his wife Shirley were among the first Members to move into Park Springs back in 2004. Shirley was evaluated with Alzheimer’s disease in 1999. The couple enjoyed nine months in their beautiful new home before Shirley moved to Cobblestone where she lived until her passing in 2010.

The community’s focus on health and wellness has been an important part of life at Park Springs for George, a former executive for a fabricator of stainless steel food service equipment.

“In 2003 I had a quadruple bypass,” he recalls. “I weighed 221 pounds and my doctor gave me a year to get down to 175.” At the time the Scheuer’s were living in the Atlanta metro, not far from Park Springs.

A caregiver they had hired knew a lot about healthy eating and helped George learn to eat well without fried foods, salt and excess fat. Steadily the pounds disappeared.

Once he reached his goal weight George knew keeping it off would be tough. By then the Scheuer’s were living at Park Springs. In the dining room, George ordered carefully and Chef Derrick was always happy to provide the lean protein, whole grains and fresh produce that he needs.

“Friends say to me now, ‘Come on George, you don’t have to be so careful any more, do you?’ But I know keeping the weight off is a lifelong process that I have to focus on every day.”

George has been an active member of the Park Springs Nutrition Group. He enjoys cooking for himself on Sundays and is known for his delicious baked salmon.

Having access to the Park Springs fitness center has been key to George’s fitness program. He joins other Members for water volleyball three times a week and enhances his routine by swimming or walking pool laps.

George knows that long-term fitness takes discipline. “Sometimes you ask yourself, ‘Do I really want to get into my suit and get in the water?!’ But you force yourself, find your rhythm after a couple of laps, and before you know it you’re finished and you feel great!”

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