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Very few have been spared! Many of us know a family member or friend who suffers from Dementia! Park Springs offers a Program on Dementia Care to help meet the growing concern about the various aspects of Dementia.

The Health & Wellness Committee is sponsoring a major three-part program for members and their families taking place in late May. Each week a different topic will be addressed by a qualified speaker with time for question and answer sessions. Participants will learn about the current research on treatment and medications – guidelines on financial, legal and insurance implications, resources and support for caregivers.

These programs will be offered May 23rd, May 30th and June 6th in the Community Hall from 4:00-5:30 p.m. A wine and cheese reception to follow.

The Health & Wellness Committee will continue to update members about this program through notices in your in-house mailboxes and flyers around campus.  It is anticipated that the program will be well attended.  Please RSVP at the Concierge by May 11th to attend.

Arrangements will be made to care for members with dementia to enable caregivers to attend the programs.  Contact the Clinic for more information.

If you would like to learn more about Dementia Care and Memory Care at Park Springs, please click the links below:

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  1. I am a nurse & care for the elderly in a Nursing Home caleld Harmonee House. There is a very unique reason for the name but, I won’t go into detail as it is very lengthy. My husband was a victim of the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease along with vascular dementia. He was a very strong, determined man, very set in his ways. He was just a little this side of brilliant as a building contractor in the construction of any kind of medical facilities IE; Hospitals, clinics, etc. Also built chemical laboratories. He loved traveling in RV’s after retiring. He was diagnosed with this disease quite awhile after I had suspected his problem because I could not get him to see his Doctor even though he had always been one for regular check ups, he was always told he was as healthy as anyone could be at his age. This was stamped in his mind & one thing he never forgot as long as he any bit of memory left . Over two years his doctor & I came up with every reason we could think of to get him into the clinic for tests. He had a traffic accident which warranted the need to be hospitalized (after walking away from many other traffic mishaps, driving without a DL, since it had been taken away from him, another huge fine, but fortunately, out of all the accidents (apprx. 20) no one else was hurt or, more importantly, killed) he was diagnosed & put on medication. He was so far advanced in the disease, the medication used for onset of the disease, did not help him. He had no hospital insurance, only medicare. At that time alot of procedures that were required, were not covered my medicare & our savings were depleted very rapidly. This is not the end of a very tragic story but, I will stop here. I have written this so people will be aware of the costs, mentally & financially, associated with this disease, that they maybe prepared should it ever, suddenly, pop up in their family. Make yourself aware of the signs & symptoms & get checked as quickly as possible if & when a sign is suspected. The medication for Alzheimer will help if it is started in early stages. It will make life so much easier for the unfortunate one & the care giver. Believe me, you will need all the help you can receive. I am a nurse & have taken care of patients with dementia & it is heartbreaking but, when it becomes a family member & you have to watch a mind deteriorate of a loved one, I can’t express enough how terrible this can be. Alzheimer’s Associations need all the help they can get, especially,financial.

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