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Park Springs Member in On-site Art Studio

In response to our recent Art Show, which will be held April 27th and featured many of our Member’s works of art, I began to reflect and wanted to share some of the benefits of art for those aging.

Creative activities can have a healing and protective effect on mental well-being. It is an important strategy for coping with chronic illness and an important contributor to improved quality of life for residents at Park Springs Continuing Care Retirement Community.

There is increasing recognition that the benefits of the arts play an important role in the health of individuals. The therapeutic effects of creative activity promote relaxation and provide a means of self-expression to boosting the immune system while reducing stress.

Park Springs offers both visual art appreciation and hands on creative work which play an important role in improving the health and well- being of its residents. Residents who participate in the arts express feelings of emotional stabilization and relaxation as they are among their peers with similar interests. The art classes and opportunities to present pieces of their own work are intended to enrich the lives of those participants, and promote socialization while enhancing psychological well- being.

Although  it is unknown if this is documented in the literature, several residents have expressed significant improvements in their blood pressure as it relates to their involvement with the arts. I have been told by many of the residents who participate in the arts the therapeutic benefits include celebrating multiple perspectives, and most importantly the ability to surrender to possibilities as they watch their own pieces of work unfold.

For those dealing with the stress of being a caregiver or coping with their own health issues the benefits of the arts has proven to be a priceless coping mechanism.

Healthfully Yours,

Shona Alexander

Director of Clinical & Home Care Services

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