Jim Schneeberger, Park Springs’ Food & Beverage Director, Pulls Out All the Stops

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“We’re only as good as the next meal we serve”

The sign in his office reads: “We’re only as good as the next meal we serve,” and that has been Jim Schneeberger’s motto since he started working in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry at age 16 in his native Buffalo (NY).

Even though he has degrees in Communications and Business Administration, Jim built his career in F&B. “My first job was as a server in a hotel around the corner from our home. I worked hard and was fortunate enough to get invaluable on-the-job training there, and in the many other places I worked while going to school. I have never forgotten where I came from, and that’s why I value all the efforts our employees make to always give their best.”

As Food & Beverage Director of Park Springs, Jim currently manages 96 professionals who work in one of the four dining venues at the resort-style retirement community: the Market Café Bistro, the Main Dining Room, the Springhouse Grill and the Park Springs Pub. “I work closely with our Executive Chef, Derrick Henry, our staff and management team, and with our vendors and suppliers. Most importantly, I listen very closely to our Park Springs members, because I want to exceed their expectations, every day.”

In addition to the four Park Springs restaurants, Jim has focused on enhancing the dining experience for the residents at the Cobblestone Health Center, including Pebblebrook, Park Springs’ nursing home. “We want to serve great, healthy food with extra ‘panache’, especially since they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at Cobblestone every day. To elevate the food service at Cobblestone even more, we provide training for the Diet Aides in our Main Dining Room.”

Jim believes that Cobblestone is an extension of the independent living accommodations at Park Springs, and a vital part of the continuing care retirement community. “Cobblestone’s satisfied residents are critical for the overall success of Park Springs.”

Jim speaks with passion about Park Springs’ dining options. “I have worked in other retirement communities before, but Park Springs is a trendsetter. Where else in the US can you find so many distinctly different dining venues on one campus, serving so many creative menu items? Sea scallops wrapped with smoked salmon, anyone?”

Every day, he calls his entire staff together to discuss the members’ specific needs, wishes and comments. “We always need to be better than the day before. We need to provide those small special touches that are so important to our guests, like serving hot tea in porcelain rather than in metal pots. We need to cater to their individual wants, and source the best and freshest ingredients for them. We are here for them – 24/7.”

Jim and his wife have four children, two sons and two daughters, “…all unique, all wonderful.” In his spare time, he is the Den Leader for his youngest son’s Cub Scout troop.


  1. joan benson on March 8, 2013 at 3:18 pm said:

    Jim always has a pleasant smile and a cheerie “hello” to everyone he sees; and he calls them by name !!! The food here is varied, and the staff does everything to make each meal an enjoyable experience. If, by chance, one is uhappy with the meal as presented, the staff will gladly replace it. Jim makes sure he speaks to us when he is in any of the dining areas. He is a true jewel and we are fortunate to have him here.

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