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In January 2013 it will be six years since Alice Young started the unique book club for residents at Park Springs, who, like her, do not have perfect eyesight. The approximately 20 members of the Low Vision Book Club get together every last Monday of the month to review and discuss the latest selection, which ranges from modern fiction and timeless short stories to historical biographies.

“By organizing this Book Club, Alice Young has given us such a gift,” says Dr. Hagan Baskin, MD, a retired vascular surgeon who lives with his wife at Park Springs and who is one of the Low Vision Book Club’s original members. “She is such a positive, loving spirit, and she has encouraged all of us to remain interested in literature, and to sample the work of various authors. At our monthly gatherings, the discussion is often quite animated – and always thoughtful and in-depth.”

Instead of reading each book of the month, the Low Vision Book Club members listen to it on a special device.

“I walk for exercise and listen to the books through earplugs using a portable, rechargeable reader,” notes Dr. Hagan Baskin. “The books are available on a card about the size of a credit card, and every month we get a catalog with titles and descriptions of books that are available to people with low vision.

“Through this Low Vision Book Club, we continue to learn from each other, and we are exposed to some fabulous stories and writers that I would not seek out on my own. I would not want to miss the monthly Book Club for anything!”

The Low Vision Book Club is just one of the many member-driven clubs and activities at Park Springs, Atlanta’s award-winning CCRC. For a monthly calendar of events, please check www.parksprings.com.

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