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alice-young“Park Springs was my first choice. I checked out the development before the first buildings were even framed out, and then I was one of the first Members to move into the Hill Top Villas in the 4000 Building,” says Mrs. Alice Young, remembering her move to Park Springs in 2006.

“I knew exactly what I wanted before moving to Park Springs – a large, generous villa on the first floor of the 4000 Building, with underground parking, and easy access to the various dining venues as well as the Clubhouse,” she smiles, as she shows her visitor around her beautifully-appointed, bright and spacious home.

After growing up in Chattanooga (TN), Mrs. Young joined her sister in Atlanta and started working with the Veterans Administration in 1946. “I was yearning to go to college, and took classes at the Atlanta Division of the University of Georgia while I lived in a residence for women. We had so much fun, and loved to go out dancing.”

At one of these dances, she met her husband who persuaded her to go out on a date, “…even though it had to be scheduled three weeks in advance, you know, I had a busy life!”

When her youngest of three children entered second grade, Mrs. Young went back to college and got her degrees in History and Sociology at Georgia State University, which led to a major career, including positions as the GSU Director of the Student Center, followed by 17 years as the school’s Dean of Student Services.

Before moving to Park Springs, Mrs. Young, by then divorced, lived in Harrogate, a cluster home community in Decatur (GA) for eighteen years.

“Two of my friends were already living at Park Springs when I came here, and I am so happy to say that my circle of friends has grown even larger in the past eight years,” notes Mrs. Young. “At this stage in my life,” (she just celebrated her 90th birthday in December), “good friends are a great treasure.”


  1. Jeanne Noreen on April 4, 2014 at 5:55 pm said:

    Alice, I so enjoyed learning more about you and your family. You were so kind to invite me, a newbie at PS, to join you and your friends for dinner. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and I look forward to getting to know you all better,.

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