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Amelia Narain,

“Health Is My Passion”

Amelia Narain, MSN GNP, Park Springs’ Nurse Practitioner specialized in Geriatrics, already knew that she was going to be a nurse when she was just four years old, growing up in Illinois.

“It took a lot of drive and a lot of determination to reach my goal, but ultimately I received my Masters Degree in Nursing, and my dream came true,” says Mrs. Narain, who now lives with her husband Philip and their teenage daughter in Snellville.

The road to Georgia led via New York and New Orleans to Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital in Atlanta, where Amelia started in 1994, and where she first met Park Springs’ own Dr. White.

When she became a mom four years later, Amelia decided two things: to homeschool her daughter, and to pursue her passion for healthy living. She launched In My Garden – Health & Lifestyle, a company that focuses on counseling and teaching how to live a healthy lifestyle, including healthy ways to cook, bake and preserve foods.

“Health is our greatest treasure, and we need to guard it,” she says. “We can prevent, alleviate and cure many illnesses, from neuropathy to chronic insomnia to depression, when we eat well and live a healthy lifestyle.

“Your grandmother was right about certain food-based remedies: there are many foods that have outstanding health benefits, and I want to educate people about the things they can do for themselves to be as healthy as possible.”

Amelia promotes NEWSTART: a methodology that focuses on the roles of Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air and Trust in the Divine Power in everyday life.

Since joining the Wellness Clinic at Park Springs in 2013, Nurse Practitioner Narain has been able to offer Members thoughtful recommendations based on NEWSTART as a complement to traditional medicine.

“The reaction from our Members has been very positive,” she says. “I am careful to explain to them that even though they cannot expect immediate results, they really can use diet and exercise to markedly improve their health.”

“I am passionate about preventive health measures, just as I am passionate about working at Park Springs,” says Amelia, whose hobbies include gardening, travel (Australia and the Galapagos Islands are on her bucket list), teaching, reading and the enjoying the outdoors.

“Most of all, I am passionate about teaching what I have learned about living your best life, and I am filled with joy that I can share my knowledge with the Members of Park Springs,” she says.

Please stop by the Clinic at Park Springs to learn more about NEWSTART and Amelia’s suggestions for a better diet and exercise plan. Small changes may have big results!

To learn more about living and thriving at Park Springs, please call any one of Park Springs’ Senior Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300.

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