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Avis Fox

Avis Fox is a true ambassador for Park Springs, the premier retirement community in Stone Mountain. Effervescent, bright, engaged and well-spoken, Mrs. Fox has represented the senior retirement community regularly during the past ten years that she has lived here. Not only does she speak at new member orientation sessions and acts as a hostess for potential new members, her charming countenance and big trademark smile have been featured many times in print and video advertisements for the Park Springs community.

When her beloved husband passed away in 1997 after 42 very happily married years, she first “… thought that my life was over.” As Mrs. Fox describes, “Suddenly, our three-story house made me feel lonely and lost.”

Together, Mr. and Mrs. Fox had traveled extensively on their 44-foot yacht, and enjoyed golfing and tap-dancing, and Mrs. Fox was eager to continue to live an active lifestyle.

“Our kids decided that I needed to be part of a community, and when I first visited the Park Springs sales office, and saw the thoughtful plans for this beautiful community, I knew this was going to be the place for me. What made the decision to move to Park Springs even easier was that I was so impressed with the other people who were thinking about moving here as well. Everyone was so well-educated and well-traveled!” says Mrs. Fox.

When asked about some of the things that she really likes about living at Park Springs, Mrs. Fox fires off a list of her favorite features.

“The big Art Room really appeals to me – I spearheaded the arts program and we now have a community of brilliant artists here, who draw, sculpt and paint in the Art Room and take part in different art classes here. Andy Isakson (Managing Partner of Isakson Living, owner and operator of Park Springs) even built an art gallery for us!

“Then, there is the heated pool where I swim every day, with the hot tub that I lobbied for! And have you seen our beautiful landscaping, and the lake with its two fountains? Our environment is so well-maintained and safe – just perfect, because I love to walk on the trails around campus,” enthuses Mrs. Fox. “I am actually convinced that I will live a lot longer because I live at Park Springs.”

Mrs. Fox, who pioneered the Gifted and Talented Program of the Gwinnett County Schools, is also an accomplished storyteller. Inspired by her 7-year old granddaughter, she completed a children’s book, Leela the Fox: Why Foxes Have White Tails that is currently sold on Amazon.

A talented actress, she has performed on stage and TV, and continues to have parts in movies and TV commercials. To her delight, she has been a cast member in Marvin Himmel’s annual musical show at Park Springs for the past seven years, and enjoys every rehearsal, even it that means practicing up to three times per week for a two-month period.

For Mrs. Fox, dancing, especially tap and ballroom dancing, is another creative way to express herself, and “…there are lots of opportunities at Park Springs to dance in our beautiful ballroom,” she says.

Just recently, she was one of the models in the Fashion Show hosted by Chico’s at Park Springs. “Wearing bright colors, lots of sparkle and lots of jewelry just makes me happy – any day!”

Mrs. Fox enjoys sharing her experiences of living at Park Springs and by doing so, she brings happiness to many others who live and work here. To learn more about living at Park Springs CCRC, please visit http://www.parksprings.com or call 678-684-3483.


  1. Well my goodness Avis. You sold me and if I didn’t already live here I would be on my way to Park Springs to pick out my new digs. Your description of life here is right on. I can’t imagine why anyone would look anywhere else.

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