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Joanie Heidorn graduated in 2001 from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and has been working at Park Springs’ Cobblestone Health Center for the past year. Joanie lives near Snellville and grew up close to her grandparents and her church, where she often volunteered with senior activities.

At Cobblestone, with its 42 skilled nursing beds, 14 memory care units and 20 assisted living units, she works with the Members and their families to help educate, answer questions and advocate on their behalf. She also assists with discharge planning and finding proper resources including outside services for clients and their loved ones, and provides advance care planning information.

“I am always expanding my knowledge base,” notes Joanie. “I want to be able to educate our Park Springs Members about what is available to them, how to access tools and programs, how Medicare works. It is a challenging job because rules and regulations change often, and people look to me to help explain the available benefits.” One particular area of interest to Joanie is the Vietnam veteran population. “I want to promote the resources available to the veterans, and advise them regarding the assistance offered by the Veterans Administration,” she remarks.

Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease is another part of her job. “We test for signs of beginning dementia, signs that tend to be hidden or overlooked, and we do assessments every quarter,” says Joanie.

Working at Park Springs brings her much satisfaction, and a heartfelt “thank you” from relatives brightens her day. “I know I have made a difference during a difficult time when loved ones tell me, ‘Thank you for what you did.’ I am honored to help – every day.”

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