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Members John & Dot Branscomb

Park Springs Members are as congenial a bunch as you’ll find.  But get them in the gym and they become pretty fierce competitors.  The community’s annual Physical Fitness Challenge is a much-anticipated event for many Members, including Dot and John Branscomb.

This year John placed third out of 106 participants and Dot was on a winning team, aptly named The Wonder Women.

There’s plenty of friendly trash talk around the Park Springs fitness center.  But Park Springs Atlanta active adults are serious about earning points for cardio exercise, resistance training, strengthening the brain, taking wellness classes and doing acts of kindness.

“The day after this year’s winners were announced we attended an exercise class, expecting to see very few Members because the competition was over,” John recalls.  “But there were more than 40 people there!”

For the Branscombs, the commitment to staying well is part of daily life.  When John was warned by his cardiologist that he was pre-diabetic and had to lose weight, he jumped into action.  “The doctor recommended a nutritionist and personal trainer in town, but I told him I had both of those right at Park Springs.”

Working with the onsite trainer and nutritionist, John dropped 20 pounds and is no longer pre-diabetic.

“There’s a new light menu option in the dining room that gives me everything I want,” he explains.  The community is known for exceptional food in all of its dining venues.

Whether they’re rehearsing for the annual Park Springs Broadway musical, serving on committees or spending time with friends, the Branscombs choose a full and active life, enhanced by daily efforts to stay fit and healthy.

To learn more about health & wellness at Park Springs, join us for a lunch & learn Tuesday, May 15 or Thursday, May 17 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Click here to RSVP NOW!

 Get informed. Get in motion. Get involved.

Park Springs – health and wellness like no other.


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