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Judy Milota and Richard Taylor, long-term members of Park Springs, are great advocates of active aging and enjoy the many opportunities offered by our award-winning continuing care retirement community to ‘live their best life.’

We recently heard from them about their experiences working with Reggie Porter, Park Springs Fitness Center Manager, who joined our team in 2012.

“Park Springs now has a Top Notch Fitness Program with the addition of Reggie Porter as Fitness Center Manager.

Reggie’s training in the field of exercise is very evident in the way he conducts Stretch and Balance. He explains what the exercise is accomplishing in our bodies and gives options for different levels of health.

I (Judy) particularly enjoy Arthricise but seem to be in the minority of the members. Seeing many of them struggle with arthritis makes me wonder why they don’t take advantage of this class.

I have arthritis in both my knees and was having trouble getting up from my church pew and also when sitting for a long time at the dinner table experiencing minor pain. PT exercises at Emory, Stretch and Balance and Arthricise have enabled me to get up from the church pew and not experience pain when getting up from dinner. The therapists at Emory said that our therapy pool (at Park Springs) is the best thing for arthritis.

We enjoy the variety of exercise options and the Fitness Challenge has given us the opportunity to try classes we haven’t in the past.

He (Reggie) must have taken some psychology courses since he is able to get his message across in an easy-going manner but still maintain control of the class.”

Thank you, Judy and Richard, for this great endorsement of our Fitness Center and our fine staff. Thank you also for your ongoing, dedicated participation in the many healthy living options offered at Park Springs – you inspire us all!

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