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health-sideThat’s Joan and Bob Snyder’s experience. The fit, active couple just moved from Florence, Kentucky to Park Springs in May 2013, and they have been delighted by the warm welcome they have received from the Members, and the ease with which they have made new friends.

Mr. Snyder plays water volleyball three times per week, (“a great way to get to know people quickly!”), and the couple has made it a priority to get involved – through fitness, Wii bowling, and a variety of other activities and events at Park Springs, many of them member-driven.

“There were a number of reasons why we decided to make this big lifestyle change, and why we selected the Park Springs community,” says Mr. Snyder. “Our three sons had settled in different parts of the United States, and the nearest member of our family lived seven hours away. Moving closer to our middle son in Lawrenceville was a good idea, especially since recently, mowing the lawn of our home in Kentucky had become somewhat of a project.

“Also, I had personally experienced how hard it can be when parents age, and we did not want to put our children, and our eleven grandchildren, through a similar situation.”

Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, who first met in Marion (MA) when they were twelve, and who married after graduating from Cornell University (NY) and Colby University (ME) respectively, visited Park Springs three times before deciding that “there was really nothing about Park Springs that we did not like – we never looked anywhere else!”

The Snyders appreciated the wisdom of Julie Mitchell, one of Park Springs’ counselors, who encouraged them to move early, while both partners were still healthy and in their seventies. “Make Park Springs your community, and be part of it.”

“Julie found us this perfect cottage, and we took advantage of the Park Springs Vintage Home Program. This included the assistance of a great Coldwell Banker real estate professional in Florence who helped us sell our home within three days after it was listed,” remarks Mrs. Snyder. “Of course, it was a great house with a beautiful upgraded kitchen – and the time was right, for us and for the market.”

The couple agrees that moving to Park Springs “…is a gift to our children. Our three sons are thrilled with our decision, especially since they see how we have been embraced by this community, and how the continuing care services on-site will be there as we age.”

Having a cleaning service twice per month makes life easy, and Mrs. Snyder really does not miss cooking dinner, especially the shopping part. Both agree that the food at Park Springs is “wonderful.” They love it that the wait staff is professional and friendly at the same time, and that they are always greeted by name.

But the biggest joy of living at Park Springs has been getting to know the Members. “There are so many interesting, kind, well-traveled and fun people here: the Members make it!” smiles Mr. Snyder.

“Even though moving here was a big change after 30 years in Kentucky, and even though the move itself was a big task – you should have seen our full basement – we have absolutely no regrets,” agree Mr. and Mrs. Snyder.

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