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Sally Hutson

Sally Hutson

Sally Hutson, Residency Counselor at Park Springs, has worked with Isakson Living, the owner and developer of Park Springs CCRC since 1988, and joined the top Park Springs sales team in 2011.

She started in Administration and worked in the company’s Accounting Department, but quickly moved into handling property management. “That’s when I really learned invaluable lessons on how to work with people, and how to find the right solutions for our clients,” according to Sally.

When Isakson Living started building Park Springs, Sally moved to the Corporate office in Norcross. That was also where prospective Members could meet with Maricita Hughes, Isakson Living’s Director of Interiors, to select the finishes of their new homes at Park Springs.

“It was amazing to see how Maricita was able to showcase all the beautiful choices in such a restricted space – she even built a model bathroom in one of the closets!”

Three years ago, Andy Isakson, Managing Director of Isakson Living, offered Sally a position as Residency Counselor at Park Springs.  “Anresa Davis, Senior Residency Counselor, and Julie Mitchell, Residency Counselor, both took me under their wings and showed me the ropes,” says Sally.

“The best part of my job,” she notes, “is when prospective members actually realize that yes, they need to be here. It has happened to me a number of times that within just months of moving in, Members made a point to tell me that they did the right thing, and that they wished they had done it sooner! That tells me that they are happy here. Park Springs is such a great place for active seniors.”

“Most new Members jump right in and get involved – this is a great place to make new friends and start participating in new groups and activities. Our Park Springs Members are great promoters of the luxury lifestyle here – and that makes our job in the Sales Department that much easier!”

Sally, who originally trained to be a teacher, has always enjoyed being of service. She enjoys working with the Food Bank and different outreach ministries through her church, and has a great circle of friends.

She lives in Cumming, not too far from her two daughters and four grandsons who all live in Dawsonville, and shares with them the lessons she learned from her mother and grandmother: “You can do whatever you want to do. Be positive, and know that we’re always behind you.”


  1. Joan Benson on March 7, 2014 at 4:27 pm said:

    Sally is such a great asset to Park Springs with her enthusiasm and love for people. She goes out of her way often to check on people when illness slows them down or just when someone needs a friendly smile and a hug. She is so positive !!

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