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For Nancy, stretching the mind is just as important as stretching the body.

When Nancy Bate was working out at the Park Springs fitness center with her personal trainer, some Members urged the trainer to take it easy on their friend. “He really pushed me to the limit, but I wasn’t complaining,” Nancy says with a smile.

Nancy moved to the community in 2005 with her husband, who passed away in 2007. Two sons were living in the Atlanta area at the time but have since moved away. “I considered moving but the fact is I’m really very happy here.”

Health and wellness are a priority for Nancy, a former nurse. She worked with a trainer for six weeks, learning and perfecting an exercise routine that she now does on her own.

Aerobics and tai chi classes are also part of Nancy’s fitness routine, as well as walks with her Chihuahua, Annie. She has taken advantage of access to the onsite nutritionist who reviewed and confirmed her dietary choices.

For Nancy, stretching the mind is just as important as stretching the body. Over the past several years she’s discovered her inner artist through regular painting lessons with Park Springs art teacher Marie Matthews. “About six or eight of us get together once a week. It’s something I had always wanted to do and really enjoy,” says Nancy.

She’s also in charge of selecting Members’ artwork to hang in the Park Springs gallery. As well, she teaches Bible study and visits Members living in Cobblestone. A past president of the Park Springs Residents’ Council, Nancy is a regular cast member in the annual Broadway show and spring satire.

Once a month Nancy makes the quick trip downstairs to visit Park Springs physician Dr. Margaret White who monitors her blood levels because she takes the blood thinner Coumadin.

“The truth is, you just can’t do everything at Park Springs,” she says. “So you try things and of course there’s no obligation if you want to change. Whatever you choose to do, there’s a great deal of support from other Members.”

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