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Right at noon on September 12, the square in downtown Decatur came alive with an honest-to-goodness ‘flash mob.’   (A flash mob is a group of people who assemble ‘suddenly’ in a place, perform for a brief time, and then go about their way – happily surprising and entertaining the public. You can find many examples of flash mobs on YouTube, even including some marriage proposals!)

Park Springs’ own Lisa Kiely, Director of Leisure Services, spent more than a year organizing this particular Senior Awareness Flash Mob. “I wanted people to find a fun way to focus on the subject of active aging, and how to have a great time no matter what age you are,” she said.

Together with the YMCA, officials of the City of Decatur and a variety of local senior organizations, Lisa developed the plan, coordinated the logistics, and got as many participants together in one place as possible. She choreographed the entire performance, and made sure that everybody who wanted to be a part of the flash mob could practice ahead of time by studying a special on-line video.

“It was awesome to see everybody come together for this fun event,” Lisa said. “The weather was perfect and we had almost 200 participants! I have never seen so many people have so much fun together, we all had a great time. And I do think that this event changed some people’s perceptions of what it means to age – to live well, be well, and have fun!”

The event was featured on WABE 90.1 radio, FOX5 TV, and is now on YouTube – for people all over the world to see that getting older can be a blast!

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