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I read in this morning’s news paper an article written by an Associated Press writer listing worthy resolutions for retirees.  The majority of those he listed were financially related such as, getting disciplined about money matters, getting your estate in order and checking into long-term care insurance possibilities.

These financial goals are all worthy resolutions and in working with retirees on a daily basis, I find most have planned well financially but having the means to pay for wants and needs in retirement does not ensure those wants and needs will be provided for in the intended manner.  Many feel simply having the money they need in retirement insures they’ll live well.  What I find many seniors don’t plan for are the who, what, when and where those wants and needs will be addressed.

I recommend retirees or for that matter anyone retired, working or otherwise planning for retirement think about the lifestyle, senior retirement housing and healthcare needs they’ll have and not just how they’ll be paid for but where they’ll be provided and by whom and perhaps most importantly when they ought to be sought out.

 When should you seek a suitable environment with which to live?  The answer is, before you need it.  My favorite quote from a Member I worked with in the past is, “it’s better to be 5 years early than 5 minutes late.”  Sound advice because the longer you wait and the more pressing the need, the fewer the options and the less likely you’ll find the quality services you had intended. Where do you want to seek the services?  There are many options and my recommendation is that you think about an environment that can address all your needs, limiting the likelihood of having to make additional changes should circumstances dictate.

Yes, you can stay in control.  There are choices you can make today to best insure the most positive outcome tomorrow.Who do you wish to have provide the services you’ll need?  You ought to seek the best, of course.

The wants you’ll have are only determined by you and while the needs can in part be determined by you, there are many that are ultimately out of your control.  Do you know the lifestyle you want to live, the services you’d like to have and the environment in which you’d like to have them?  What about those things you may need?  Perhaps those questions ought to be addressed as you establish resolutions for the new year, and perhaps these resolutions will bring you to a wonderful new lifestyle at Park Springs retirement community.

Happy New Year!

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