Anresa Davis

Senior Residency Counselor

“When my parents left the burdens of home ownership and chose a retirement community, they found a new lease on life. Seeing that transformation had a huge impact on me.”

In 2000, Anresa Davis left a successful 25-year career in nursing to join the sales and marketing effort at Park Springs. She brings to the position a unique blend of clinical expertise, administrative experience and passionate concern.

“My parents’ plan was to maintain control of their destiny by making their own choices. My siblings and I were so pleased – everyone in the family benefited.”

“Helping members plan for the future, achieve a vibrant lifestyle and enjoy every day to the fullest has been a true privilege,” she adds. Especially satisfying for Anresa is the degree to which Park Springs members have created, and embrace, a unique culture. “Every day is new and full of opportunity here. Every night I go home with more than I came with.”

Sharing the Park Springs story with others is Anresa’s passion.

Anresa and her husband Phil are the proud parents of sons John and Steven.

An Isakson Living Community


Park Springs
500 Springhouse Circle
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

p: 678-684-3300

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