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Maricita HughesDirector of Interiors

“Moving into a beautiful new home is exciting, and it’s also a significant responsibility. It’s our job to assist members as much as they’d like. We want them to feel confident that their home will be beautiful, high-performing and a joy for years to come.”

-Maricita Hughes

Director of Interiors Maricita Hughes has been an integral part of the Isakson Living organization since 1984 when she joined the firm to design commercial and office building interiors. She has also provided construction management services for Isakson Living retail centers.

Since the firm entered the senior residential industry, Maricita’s experience and skills have been in high demand. At Park Springs, Isakson Living’s first community in Stone Mountain, Maricita contributed significantly to the design of floor plans, working closely with members to create spaces that reflected their dreams and desires.

As construction continued and members began to move in, she developed and led the process of interior selections. The goal was to give members diverse, high-quality options in flooring, cabinetry, colors and overall layout.

Maricita is similarly involved at Peachtree Hills Place, the firm’s second community in Atlanta’s Buckhead district. Maricita led the team that designed the clubhouse and health center, and the sales and design centers, where members can see furnished homes and choose personalized options.

“I was particularly engaged in designing kitchens and bathrooms at Peachtree Hills Place. We learned a great deal from members that we used to create elegant, livable spaces,” says Maricita. Among innovations she helped develop are bathrooms that combine resort-style size and luxury with extraordinary practicality and accommodation.

As the liaison between members and the Isakson Living construction team, Maricita and her colleagues begin working as long as a year before construction to help customize layouts and select options. “We help bring practicality to the process,” she explains. “Many members who have lived in their homes for decades often anticipate recreating the same interiors in their new Isakson Living homes. We help them see what will work from the viewpoint of design and function.” In a series of three meetings, members have the opportunity to select options and literally map out the interiors of their new homes.

An Atlanta native who lived abroad for many years, Maricita is a graduate of the Georgia Tech School of Architecture. Before joining Isakson Living in 1984, she worked with the Gary B. Coursey architecture firm.

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