Park Springs Foundation Benefits Employees, Enhances Life at Atlanta’s Premier Retirement Community

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The Park Springs Foundation, a 501C-3 nonprofit organization started in 2007 by a number of appreciative residents at Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier retirement community, is focused on education. The Foundation administers funds that are contributed voluntarily by Park Springs’ members. It provides scholarships for Park Springs’ employees and their dependent children to local colleges, technical schools and online universities and has awarded approximately 50 scholarships to date.

Dr. Michael Brown, one of the board members of the Park Springs Foundation, remarks: “This is a way for us to show the people who work here how much we appreciate all the kind and helpful things they do to make our lives at Park Springs so pleasant.”

Many retired educators live at Park Springs, so the focus on education does not come as a complete surprise. Dr. Brown was a Professor of History at Agnes Scott College in Decatur (GA) from 1960 to 1998 and understands how hard it is for employees to go to school and work at Park Springs at the same time.

A member of the Foundation’s board since its inception, Meg Manning, who has served as treasurer since 2009, notes that one of the main objectives of the Foundation’s work is to motivate and reward the Park Springs employees. “It benefits the staff members, and it benefits the residents at Park Springs as well. Being able to say ‘Thank You’ in such a substantial manner positively influences the day-to-day relationships between the people who live here and those who work here in many ways.”

There have been a number of notable success stories, including many employees who have completed their course of study. The members of the Foundation are pleased that several recipients of scholarships have been able to assume their tuition costs without the Foundation’s assistance. Their success inspires others to apply for scholarships.

Another way that the Park Springs Foundation enhances life at Park Springs is by purchasing certain major items that benefit the entire community. The Foundation has been able to contribute a small, wheelchair-accessible bus, two pianos for the Cobblestone Health Center, and a sophisticated bladder scanner for the clinic – special items that benefit many of the members at Park Springs.

Most contributions to the Park Springs Foundation are memorial gifts. Certain members have designated the Foundation to receive matching funds from their former employers. This year, the Foundation is launching an awareness campaign to promote its work with both Park Springs residents and staff.

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