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CleanAirCampaignLogoSince the middle of January 2013, Park Springs has implemented a new policy for all Park Springs members and staff, service, and delivery vehicles, and for freight carriers, to follow while operating on Park Springs property to reduce the output of exhaust fumes on its 52-acre campus near Stone Mountain.

According to Kevin Isakson, Director of Sales & Marketing of Isakson Living, the owner and operator of Park Springs: “The health and well-being of our employees, members and visitors is of vital concern. Exhaust from idling vehicles poses an unnecessary health risk to everyone. Reducing vehicle idling reduces air pollution and conserves fuel.”

The new policy will:

  • Reduce unnecessary vehicle idling
  • Protect the health of the Park Springs workforce and visitors from harmful emissions
  • Improve air quality, and
  • Reduce wasted fuel.

Participants in Park Springs’ Idle Reduction Program have been asked to sign a voluntary pledge developed by The Clean Air Campaign, promising to:

  1. Turn off engines while waiting at pick up and drop off locations
  2. Maintain vehicles to eliminate any visible exhaust
  3. Spread the word to family and friends and encourage others to eliminate unnecessary idling.

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