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Meet Maricita Hughes, Director of Interiors

“Moving into a lovely new home is exciting, and it’s also a significant responsibility. It’s our job to assist members as much as they would like. We want them to feel confident that their home will be beautiful, high-performing and a joy for years to come.”
-Maricita Hughes

Maricita_HughesMaricita Hughes, Director of Interiors, joined Isakson Living, the owner and operator of the Park Springs retirement community in 1984, and has assisted many Members move into the continuing care retirement community located in Stone Mountain. Many new homeowners welcome her thoughtful interior design recommendations.

“At first, many people want to set up their new living room at Park Springs just like it was in their original home, and occasionally, that works,” says Maricita. “However, sometimes I am able to suggest a different lay-out or room orientation. It is not my role to influence any personal choices, but sometimes we come up with excellent solutions for furniture placement and traffic flow together. It is always a joy to see how pleased the new owners are with their new residence here at Park Springs.”

At Park Springs, Hughes has had a hand in the design of the floor plans and has developed and led the process of interior selections. The goal was to give Members diverse, high-quality options in flooring, cabinetry, colors and overall layout.

“It is not always easy to find a suitable arrangement for all the furniture the new Members want to move to their home in Park Springs, but we try our best! I understand how hard it is to make a selection, especially where it concerns heirlooms that have been in the family for a long time,” notes Maricita. “It is my responsibility to listen, suggest and then respect the preferences of the homeowners. This is their home.”

An Atlanta native who lived abroad for many years, Maricita, the mother of 15-year old Chase, is a graduate of the Georgia Tech School of Architecture. Prior to joining Isakson Living she worked with the Gary B. Coursey architecture firm.

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