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If you ask a Park Springs Member what it’s like to live at Park Springs, you’ll hear the true meaning of “Atlanta senior retirement living.”

Listen in as residents describe the value of living where everyone supports one another, and where healthy activities combined with deep friendships enhance their well-being.

Mackie Wilmer: I think the best thing about Park Springs is the people. Wonderful people, very, varied in their backgrounds, and from all over the country, so I like that very much, to get to know people from everywhere.

Carol & Donald Ware: We have a lot of World War II veterans who live here, who have absolutely fascinating stories, and I never would have heard them if I hadn’t been exposed to this type of life.

Marilyn Nerem: The friendships are strong, and interesting because we know that they are short-lived friendships, but it’s very meaningful, very meaningful.

Gus & Joan Panuska: If we could actually replace the United Nations with the problems there would be no more problems in the world, because every afternoon during happy hour we solve every blessed problem that there is in the world, it is really a congenial group.

John & Dot Branscomb: It is one magnificent support group in anything we need. If I go into the hospital she meets with the people at Park Springs and they eat together, they all look at after her needs while I’m not there. Now the same thing with funerals, the surviving spouse does not have to find something to do, because immediately the 400 people here just take them in and look after them.

Avis Fox: One of the reasons that I came to Park Springs is because I was lonely, and I thought, I don’t want to be alone anymore and then I heard about Park Springs and I thought, this could be wonderful, and it is.

To learn more about the inspired independence and peace of mind that comes with living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community, visit www.parksprings.com or call 678-684-3300 to schedule a private tour.

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