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Click here for link to CBS Sunday Morning episode featuring Marvin Himmel and the cast.

“Twenty Million People,” a song from the musical My Favorite Year, was the opening song of this year’s Dinner Theater performance at Park Springs – and this year, 20 million people might actually see part of this fabulous show on CBS Sunday Morning – in addition to the sold out crowds who filled Park Springs’ Dinner Theater four nights in a row!

For the eighth consecutive year, Marvin Himmel, Park Springs Member and Producer Extraordinaire, created and directed another Park Springs Musical with the help of more than sixty Members who performed or worked behind the scenes to present “Forever Young, For Evermore” in early November 2014.

Even though Marvin Himmel, the charismatic and energetic director of the one and a half hour show turned 91 in August, he decided to again produce a fabulous Dinner Theater experience for the Park Springs Members and their guests. Tickets were sold out weeks in advance.

“As the Producer/Director, I strive each year to improve the quality of both the dinner and the production aspects of the evening. Working together with Chef Derrick Henry and our Director of Food & Beverage, Jim Schneeberger, we set high goals for this elegant part of the dinner theater format,” notes Mr. Himmel.

This year’s cast featured 24 Park Springs performers, including four new faces and two Park Springs employees, as well as the Vista Grove Dancers under the tutelage of Coby Richardson, and a technical staff of 13 additional Park Springs Members who handled lighting, costumes and make-up, scenery and props.

CBS Sunday Morning

Click here for link to CBS Sunday Morning episode featuring Marvin Himmel and the cast.

Twice-weekly rehearsals started already in September in order to be ready for the November show – and to allow a crew of the national CBS Sunday Morning show to film the preparations leading up to the performances and interview Mr. Himmel and some of his cast members. “They shot more than 25 hours of tape, so we are all excited to see the results!” says Mr. Himmel.

The special 9-10 minute segment about Marvin Himmel and his shows at Park Springs will be broadcast on CBS Sunday Morning later this year.

Mr. Himmel, born and raised in Chicago, and his beautiful wife Maxine moved to Park Springs in 2004 from San Diego. “We were married for 65 ½ glorious years, and I miss her sparkling blue eyes. On the front page of our program, it says Maramax Productions – my tribute to her,” Mr. Himmel explains.

Mr. Himmel’s has been in show business all his life. At 9 years old, he started doing radio work and worked on kids’ shows like Skippy, Jack Armstrong, Little Orphan Annie, and Sky King. At 13, he was asked to join the touring company of ‘Dead End’ by Sidney Kingsley, and was on the road for six months, “…a great learning experience!”

During WWII, Mr. Himmel served in the Air Corps. He requested to be an aerial gunner, but was put in Special Services because of his radio experience, and ended up running an Officers’ Club and NCO Club in Lincoln, Nebraska. For a while, Mr. Himmel was part of the 3 Make Believes, an entertainment trio that also included Phil Erickson of Atlanta (who later started the Wit’s End Theater here).

“Forever Young, For Evermore” featured songs from a variety of Broadway musicals including Bye, Bye Birdie, A Chorus Line, West Side Story and many more, and ended with a rousing rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Carousel.

Thank you to all performers, cast and crew of “Forever Young, Forever More” for a splendid show – live from Park Springs!




Park Springs (completed in 2007), owned and operated by Isakson Living, is a 54-acre campus style Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) surrounded by Stone Mountain Park. Park Springs is a vibrant community of active adults 62 and above who live in spacious private homes and enjoy a club-inspired lifestyle. Park Springs includes 398 Independent Living Units; Health Center with 24 SN beds, 12 Dementia beds and 28 AL suites; Clubhouse with variety of dining options and common areas; and Fitness Center with lap pool, therapy pool and exercise room. Members live in a detached single-family home, cottage home or condominium-style villa. The community provides food and beverage services in diverse settings and many social, educational and enrichment opportunities.

Residential options offering a higher level of services and care are also available on campus. These include home health, assisted living suites, memory care or our Medicare-certified skilled nursing and rehabilitation center within Cobblestone at Park Springs. As situations change, Members can move into the type of home or environment that best meets their needs.




  1. Lynne Gordon on November 24, 2014 at 5:15 pm said:

    I’m so glad that Mr. Marvin Himmel and The Park Springs Players are “Forever Young, Forever More”. I’ll be looking for CBS Sunday Morning. I am honored to have been apart of the audience at your Dinner Theater Performances in the past!!! Keep on keeping on!!!! Bravo!!!! Kudos to Marv Himmell and the Park Springs Players. Lynne Gordon in Florida, USA

  2. Terry Robert on February 1, 2015 at 10:06 am said:

    I just saw the clip on CBS and only wish this could be taped so the rest of the world could have the pleaser of seeing this.

  3. Lori Guardino on February 1, 2015 at 10:19 am said:

    I met Marvin at Park Springs while visiting my aunt and uncle. I had no idea he was so talented! Loved the segment on CBS Sunday Morning.

  4. Watching CBS Sunday Morning, I was delightfully impressed watching the residents enjoying life while perhaps avoiding any serious neurological disorders that come with age. Just because we age chronologically, this does not mean that we need to leave behind our manner of staying young, not to mention continuing to learn. Congratulations to the entire cast, crew and director

  5. Glenn D. Mittler on February 1, 2015 at 3:08 pm said:

    Loved the CBS segment on ‘Forever Young’ Bravo!

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