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Park Springs Residents at Play

Mr. Howard Dancing the Night Away 10 Years Ago

As this more than 10-year old newspaper clipping shows, Mr. and Mrs. Lou & Louise Howard continue to turn many occasions into an opportunity to dance and celebrate life.

The devoted couple, who will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in August 2015, were among the first to determine that moving from their beautiful home in Smokerise (Stone Mountain) to Park Springs would be an excellent decision. They signed up as Park Springs Members before the first dirt was even turned, and in December 2004, they settled into their brand-new, spacious 1,700 sq. ft. home in the 3000 Building on Park Springs’ campus.

“We were able to select the biggest unit facing the courtyard, with a great view, close to the Park Springs fitness center and the community’s four fabulous dining venues,” says Mr. Howard.

Now, more than a decade later, their 2-bedroom, 2.5-bath home with an office, living room, full kitchen and closed-in patio is getting a total refresh – a delightful and standard practice for the Members who live in the luxury retirement community nestled at the base of Stone Mountain.

While getting ready to move into a temporary guest suite while their lovely home will receive new carpet, a new coat of paint and other refurbishments, Mrs. Howard found a page of the original Parkside paper (as Park Springs was originally named). It included a fun picture of her light-footed husband ‘cutting the rug’ with Miss Senior Georgia 2001 at the community’s Christmas party for “future Parkside residents.”

“It is such a perfect illustration of our time here at Park Springs,” notes Mrs. Howard. “We are just so happy here – we are busy and active, and we still love to go ballroom dancing every week with our Park Springs friends.”

In addition to weekly dance classes, every month, six to eight Park Springs couples love to try out the brand-new dance floor at Park Springs during the Saturday Night dance, and at least three times per year, Park Springs puts on a big dance event with live music.

“Moving here, not far from our original neighborhood, allowed us to keep our old friends, and we did not have to change our church, our bank or our favorite shops,” explains Mr. Howard, who retired as a pilot after 33 ½ years with Eastern Airlines and also served for 22 years with the Commemorative Air Force.

“Before our move, I grumbled a bit that I was not going to eat with all those strange people,” laughs Mrs. Howard. “But on our first day here, a new neighbor stopped by and welcomed us to Park Springs.

“We had come home – and now we make sure to be that friend for new Members who move in.”

“We have more friends here than we ever had,” according to the happy couple, who knew on their first date that they would share a lifetime of love together. “I can still remember that red dress I wore!” says Mrs. Howard, a sparkling personality who was homecoming queen, captain of the basketball team and pitcher of the softball team, and who waited until graduating at 19 from Junior College to marry her lighthearted Cadet.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Howard are a vital part of life at Park Springs. Between the two of them, they enjoy running Bingo, participating in WII Bowling and helping with the twice-yearly garage sales – to being active as a member of the Park Springs Foundation and the Men’s and Women’s Forum. The couple makes it their priority to give back to their community while also enjoying time with their two grown sons who live in the greater Atlanta area.

“Living here is the best thing this side of heaven,” says Mrs. Howard.

“Amen!” says Mr. Howard.

To learn more about the happy life at Park Springs by Isakson Living, or if you’d like to schedule a personal tour of Park Springs, please contact one of Park Springs’ Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300 or visit www.parksprings.com.

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