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Park Springs Offers Personal Trainers

Many Members at Park Springs enjoy the world-class Fitness Center and heated pool on campus, and participate in lots of different fitness activities year-round.

In addition to a variety of exercise classes and team activities, Park Springs also offers personal training for Members who want to work out one on one with an exercise specialist whose objective is to help them reach their personal fitness goals safely and effectively.

Personal training can improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, posture, balance and body composition.

Who needs personal training? According to Reggie Porter, Fitness Center Manager at Park Springs, the following groups would benefit from this type of targeted instruction:

  • New Exercisers: Exercisers who do not know how to perform exercises safely, or need help planning their workout.
  • Plateau Exercisers: Members who are bored with their current program, or whose results have plateau-ed. A trainer will develop a fresh, new program that can take exercisers to a higher level of fitness.
  • Goal Specific Exercisers: Members who need assistance reaching a goal such as balance improvement or weight loss. A trainer will develop a individualized program with specific needs in mind.

To learn more about working with a personal trainer, or to check rates for individual sessions or session packages, please contact Reggie at the Fitness Center, extension 3161.

If you’d like to take a personal tour of Park Springs, including the beautiful fitness center, and learn more about living in Atlanta‚Äôs premier retirement community, please contact one of the Senior Residency Counselors at 678-684-3300.


  1. I love having a trainer on site at Park Springs and I really like all the things offered, but there is one thing missing…someone to kick me out of the bed and say “get up.”

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