Park Springs Residents Express 92% Overall Satisfaction in Recent 2012 Survey

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When asked what he liked most about living at Park Springs, Atlanta’s premier Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), one member wrote: “The people are friendly, and the atmosphere makes for a very comfortable community. I really feel cared for both by the members and by the staff and administration. I feel safe here –and this gives peace of mind to my children.”

Based on the 434 responses received on Park Springs’ annual Community Satisfaction Survey conducted by Decision Insight, Inc. (out of the 492 residents surveyed), a great majority of the members share this sense of comfort and security, which in turn resulted in a 92% Overall Community Average Satisfaction Score for Park Springs.

“It is especially a great compliment to our staff to receive these results,” notes Michael Heselbarth, Executive Director of Park Springs. “This 92% measure accounts for satisfaction ratings on all aspects of life at Park Springs, including our Urgent Response Services, Residential Health Services, and our Health Center.”

When asked “on an overall basis” how satisfied they were with living at Park Springs, approximately 90% of the respondents indicated they were “mostly” or “completely” satisfied, and almost all respondents (95%) indicated that they would likely recommend Park Springs to a friend or relative as a place to live.

Many members added comments to the survey to further express their delight about living at Park Springs, such as, “I love the beauty of the setting in which we live and the feeling of being in your own home,” and “ I enjoy the wealth of programs offered throughout the year, as well as the wellness center.”

Andy Isakson, Managing Partner of Isakson Living, the developer of Park Springs, recognizes that the results of this survey will continue to help Park Springs exceed its members’ expectations. “We are confident that in areas including amenities, governance and customer service, Park Springs far outpaces the competition. We designed Park Springs to create satisfaction on many levels!

“Personally I believe that this score is also tied to our ability to offer medical practices and clinics that link health care with wellness programs. More individual control, better health and better lifestyles are what our members expect – and what we deliver at Park Springs.”


  1. I am pleased that so many members took time to answer the survey. There are many ways to express likes and dislikes at Park Springs, however, I have found few dislikes. But, then, as most of you know few women can be pleased about everything.

    Andy Isakson mentioned that he felt the 92% overall satisfaction was tied to Parks Springs ability to provide health care and wellness programs. That percentage was part of my satisfaction with the program and after an incident last week I would have scored the program in place now at 120%. My husband had an emergency that I felt needed the care of an RN not 911. I dialed Security and told them I needed a nurse. Within 12 minutes there was a nurse at my door. After an exam, she called Dr. White our resident physician, a few seconds exchange and I was told what I needed to do and asked did I need help. The answer was, yes, I needed help. A call was placed to Home Healthcare here at Park Springs and 23 minutes later a CNA arrived to be with me as long as I needed her help.

    Am I in the right place for this kind of attention? You bet I am. I cannot imagine having to deal with all of this myself in a house, penthouse, lake house, or log cabin. Help would be at least 30 minutes away. Being here lets me sleep well at night knowing if I need help or a friend it;s only seconds away.

    Marianne Cheek

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